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see more fotos below the text

an INDEFINITE OBJECT ("IO") resembling a large paper roll is lying in the center of the showspace.
people are standing around, the music is playing and for some time nothing is happening... but should anything happen at all?

together with the music, written specially for the performance, the IO begins to breathe and make sounds. small black baloons pop out from the IO and some of them explode inside. after a while everything calms down . 
by that time the present people assumingly start to have their version of the expected action and may be their attitude to the IO.

with the music rythm suddenly the IO starts to move around, trying to approach the people standing around as close as possible and destroy the invisible barrier between them and itself. several times the IO grabs and pulls people's feet.

with the dynamics of the music the IO moves slower and becomes quite and still... after another sound explosion
tension inside the IO begins to grow and it starts to cover with torn holes from the inside and finally explode and people see the performer lying motionless for a while. Then a voice on the soundtrack announces that the show is dedicated to all who died and survived in Beslan

the second part of the perfromance happens a bit later when all who present are invited to take a plastic bottle and and at least partially fill it with water and place it against the walls with the paintings in the memory of all who spent 3 days and nights without water kept by the terrorist in the school...
(the writing on the bottles says " water")


1. what did you feel or think when you first saw the IO?
2. was everything happening as you were expecting?
3. why did you try to understand the meaning of what was going on?
4. did you feel any connection with what was happening?
5. what did you feel towards other people standing next to you?
6. how long would it take for you to say exactly what you are living for?
7. finally did the IO touch you?


8. you went away because - underline your version of the answer:
 - you were in a hurry
 - the room was too stuffed
 - all this is absolute bullshit
9. how often in real life you manage to press "PAUSE" or simply leave like today?

photos by Kirill Khrabrykh